Tyson is one of those innovative, adaptive, creative types that searches for solutions as he pushes the creative boundaries. He has the chops to prove it.

From coordinating work on Tom Cruise’s “The Last Samuari” to co-editing the Academy Award nominated documentary “The Garden,” Tyson has capitalized on his experiences to develop and create innovative content for several editing and directing projects for Evil Twin Productions, and numerous reality TV shows including “Ice Loves Coco”, “Big Rich Texas” and “Finding Bigfoot.” Despite being in high demand for his editing skills, Tyson’s writing skills have also been honored.

In 2010, along with his writing partner Debbie Chesebro, he won the 2010 Script Pipeline Screenwriting competition for the script “PROM QUEEN.” The script went on to make the finals in both the AAA Screenplay competition and the Nicholl Fellowship. Always looking for the next project and the next adventure, Tyson, a Georgia native, brings his Southern charm and his University of Southern California film training to each project which leads to a very-high standard of final delivery with a ┬áthank you. By the way, Tyson is a lover of languages and with a degree in Japanese he might greet with a (Ohayo Gozaimasu) or Good Morning and sign Good Night using ASL.